How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb Rebuilds the Heart - byFaith Online

Gee, I think the folks at byFaith online, the web magazine of the PCA, kinda liked How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. A giddily enthusiastic sweep through all the tracks, picking out the prayers, the trust, and the remedies for hopelessness. Includes a different take on "Vertigo" and a nice brief U2 theological history as well. (For anyone who finds the notion that this is a conspicously Christian U2 album odd, this article might help you understand why so many people have remarked it.) One of a few money paragraphs: How do you dismantle an atomic bomb? U2 offers very biblical hints, beginning with the most obvious - get on your knees, and ask that your heart be broken first. Someway, somehow, in the brokenness that results, something of a "dismantling" of sin might just take place, might just lead you with hands raised to Yahweh, might just lead you to shout in the streets, or on the O'Reilly Factor, or wherever God gives you a voice, that "the sun is coming up on the ocean."

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