odyssey: There'll Be No Emergence Without Joy

Does it sound too much like a bad joke to ask what Taize, Bono, Bishop Tutu, and Paul Ricoeur have in common? Odyssey doesn't think so. Sivin Kit picks up the same idea. But they missed a great Bono quote on joy (it shows up on @U2's homepage regularly).

Incidentally, something that does not give me joy is this business of Universal suddenly forcing the major fansites to take down their U2 lyrics after permitting them to be posted for years. These sites are the most professional U2 resources on the net, far surpassing U2.com in timeliness and completeness. They've helped countless people to deepen their appreciation for the band's work, and to boot the material they post is -- unlike the lyrics on the official site -- often actually correct. Talk about eating all your friends with a mouth full of teeth.

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