This is a song Television stole from the rabbis; we're stealing it back

Thanks to Dave from the Third Day (3D) Fellowship in Fresno for sending me not only a kind, personally encouraging email, but also another email asking if I might link part one of some theological reflections he's doing keying off HTDAAB, which draws on "Vertigo." It's not a review, though it is apparently going to go track by track; rather, it's a complicated and idiosyncratic stew of references, reflections, puns, theories, citations, and silliness, ranging over many topics, with one excursus apiece on a. the Devil and b. so-called Christian music. While reading the whole thing will expose you to some creative and interesting connections, if you haven't the time today for so lengthy an article, you can get a good sense of it by scrolling to sections like TWO ROCKING BOBS, TWO JEWISH APOSTLES, AND THE ELEVATED "I AM" or SPIRITUAL VERTIGO: JOIN THE CLUB or CHECKMATED BY MACPHISTO?

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