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It's a great article, "Meet the Bomb Squad." You should read it so you can hear what Larry and Bono think about other bands, about whether U2 will play Croke Park, and so on. You should read it so you can enjoy Bono tweaking The Streets about "uh... what parable would that be, exactly?" You should read it so you can arm yourself for the next person who gives you a hard time about how, if U2 care about social justice, why don't they give their own money away to charity, with this line and bonus Bible quote: if you "tell people you're giving it away then, by our definition, it is no longer charity, in the sense that the right hand shouldn't know what the left hand is doing."

But finally, you should read it so you can help me make sense of Bono's description of "the Edge who is Methodist blood, Presbyterian heart." The reverse makes all the sense in the world to me - I was about half educated by Methodists (the other half by Anglicans) and learned much of what I know about preaching from a Presbyterian, so I have great sympathy for both the Wesley charism and the Calvin charism. So OK: Prebyterian blood would mean from a Presbyterian family. Methodist heart would mean a "strangely warmed" faith plus social justice commitment. But "Methodist blood, Presbyterian heart"? Help me out here. Did he just say it backwards?

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