"too many songs ignoring the truth in disastrous times"

Interesting conversation on (among other things) why U2 seem to be able to get away with issuing explicit Christian material lately without getting slammed by the media, as other artists sometimes are, at a site new to me: The Daily Commune, A Christian web-neighborhood of art and conversation. A mixed bag of opinions, but here's a sample: I read an interview with Bono in "Rolling Stone" where the interviewer joked about John Lennon's comment that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus (the scandal of that comment was how true it was, by the way) and Bono responded by saying "It was Jesus that made us big." I think why the media never attacked them as much as they would someone else, or why some just excuse it, is because a) they were too good a band and too innovative to ignore, b) they were anti-establishment, pro-social justice, and pacifists so they looked more like a real rock or folk band than they looked like Michael W. Smith, and c) their message wasn't empty pietism, but there was action behind it and they expected you to follow.

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