Vertigo Tour

Since there are readers of this blog who are more in the Jesus fandom than the U2 fandom, I'll just go a bit overboard here in making sure everyone has heard that U2's Vertigo Tour schedule will be announced on Monday the 24th, and that the public sale of tickets begins the 29th. There is a presale for U2.Com members who joined by the 24th, if you are willing to risk it (the last one was a disaster, it's 40 bucks US, and the billing and account establishment this time around has already been messy.) You can also buy tickets and travel packages through ETS, using a referral code from @U2 who get pride of place because they have been so kind to Get Up Off Your Knees, or a code from U2log who only mentioned our book once way back when we were looking for submissions - but are still marvelous and always well worth a read.

The fact that the tour has been announced is exciting, since there were times over the past couple weeks when people were theorizing there wasn't going to be a tour. However, if you've been praying for the situation of illness in the Edge's family, this positive announcement is no reason to stop.

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