The Gospel According to ? - Books & Culture

I'd flagged this to blog about nearly a month ago, and then forgot: A typically insightful book review essay by Andy Crouch on the joys and perils of trying to find the Gospel in pop culture. I particularly like his points that being able to place the symbolism of a pop-cultural product in its wider context is vital, and that just because a text is authentically spiritually rich (as U2's work is, though he spares U2 books from critique in his essay), that does not guarantee that the people reading/writing about that text will be theologically seasoned enough to give it its due.
Excerpt: But our games and our stories grope toward something beyond themselves, and in that sense they indicate the gospel by a kind of negative space, by the shape of their yearning. And this, it seems to me, is the reason to watch The Simpsons or ESPN - not so much to find the truth, but to find the space where the truth might fit. And to remind ourselves - as the best of these books do - that wherever we look in culture, that gospel-shaped space is there.

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