I said I wasn't going to talk about it, but it's such a scandal I will anyway.

Raewynne, co-editor of Get Up Off Your Knees, posted in the comments below that she wasn't able to get tickets for any of the shows in her area of the country. Yeah. OK, I think I'll just comment that U2log are covering the presale debacle well, and a great history piece of what U2.com promoted and then failed to make good on is up at @u2. It's nice that there's apparently some accomodation for those who couldn't use their codes, but what about all those of us who used them to buy the awful and overpriced seats that were our only options?
And meanwhile, a search on "U2 ticket" on Ebay right now brings up 3890 items, the first few with prices of $1450, $1499, $2100, many of them GA or great loge seats....

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