The songs are in your eyes

A blog that kindly links us,...looking to the Light, reflects on "Miracle Drug," asking if Bono "is singing it from different perspectives." (Maybe more than half of U2 songs - wild guess off the cuff - have more than one voice, more than one perspective in them; but it seems an especially safe bet here, since it's The Edge that sings the reply to the prayer "God I need your help tonight.") A couple of the lyrics' Bible allusions are also linked for you in the post. I'd guess that "time will disappear" is a looser one, as well; not so much a quote as the kind of idea that's wandering around Revelation 21, say.

Incidentally, I just checked back at the Shack Community and their "Miracle Drug" sermon, which looks to be about AIDS and compassion, using Matthew, James, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and more, is up as well.

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