African Well Fund - Building Hope One Well At A Time

The African Well Fund has just launched their 3rd annual campaign to build wells in Africa for Bono's birthday. From Easter Sunday through the month of April, the African Well Fund invites U2 fans to make a donation in honor of Bono's birthday on May 10th (a date on which U2 will be playing live in Chicago this year). The launch of the campaign, at the Vertigo's Eve party in San Diego last night, started the donation tally at $3500, enough to build at least two wells.

The AWF, founded in 2002, is a 100% volunteer organization of U2 fans who have raised over $70,000 so far to fund water projects in Africa through Africare. Here's where you can donate. This blog recommends participation in this kind of charity campaign, while not forgetting that justice is the longer term answer.

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