Agnes Nyamayarwo of TASO

Get Up Off Your Knees benefits The AIDS Support Organization in Uganda, and Agnes Nyamayarwo, a volunteer nurse there, has become well known for helping audiences worldwide understand the realities faced by HIV+ Africans. The U2 fansite Interference interviews her. Excerpt: "During some of the hardest and darkest periods of my life, I would sit in my bedroom and ask God, 'Where do I begin?'... Some people had already started distancing themselves from us. It was indeed a terrifying experience trying to imagine how my children and I would continue living [with] this stigma around us. I used to read books looking for answers. Some of the answers to my problems came to me while reading the Bible late at night and I was inspired to continue struggling with my life for the sake of my children."

You can donate to TASO here, but as Agnes makes clear in the interview, private charity can never be sufficient in this situation: please also visit the ONE Campaign or its equivalent in your country to encourage your government to participate at its promised share in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

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