For those who have ears to hear

I received a private email from Gospel and pop culture quiz writer Sol O. Mann, whose 2001 U2 quiz is here, letting me know he's got a new one ready for publication. Our book is in it! While we're waiting for the link, he was kind enough to let me give you a preview. So try your hand at these:
--While in New York City, U2 visited Harlem and sang "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" with a church choir. Name the choir.
--This U2 tour programme contains an image of an angel holding a sign on which Psalm 34:7 is printed:"THE ANGEL OF THE LORD ENCAMPETH AROUND ABOUT THEM THAT FEAR HIM AND DELIVERETH THEM." What tour was the programme from?
--BBC host Chris Evans once asked Bono what he'd sing if it was the last song of the last show. What song did Bono pick?

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