It's about humility; it's about understanding; it's about internal change.

While a tad overwritten for my taste, this review of "How To..." from Zachry O. Kincaid at the Matthew's House Project is worth a look. (The Matthew's House Project is committed to "exploring the Christian story as a means of cultural awareness, re-enchanting the public square with Christian imagination, facilitating the role of the arts in nurturing, nourishing, and evoking experiences of contemporary society, and grounding our participation in culture in our experiences of the local church.") I enjoyed the comparison between U2's album and recent comments by an Amnesty worker: "I've seen amazing things," she says, but "the promise of human rights and the assurance of 'never again' are repeatedly betrayed." The purpose of her actions, she says, resides in the words of Jesus and his call to the least among us. "My motivation is no longer to change the world, but to live out a testimony."

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