Conquering and to conquer

For those of you who missed it during its run on @U2's front page, the Edge contributed this image, an original drawing, to be auctioned next week as a fund raiser for the Irish Seal Sanctuary. Seals I-III, as Matt pointed out, is a pun, and he explained it better than I could: The hand image with writing is reminiscent of one of the images from the HTDAAB deluxe book. But the text here refers to three seals -- a white horse, red horse, and a black horse. Some of you will immediately know that Edge isn't referring to seals that swim in the ocean; it's a reference to the first three of the seven seals of Revelation in the Bible. Reading this as someone with congregational experience, I had to smile thinking back to the different groups of parishioners who were always intrigued by the detailed symbolism of apocalyptic books, one of whom was those Christians with precise, technical, scientific minds. Incidentally, I would much rather have this as a T-shirt than the similar Edge "intelligent design" maze U2.com is selling.
[post edited 5/16 to include image, courtesy of @U2.)

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