"an ordinary man in his ordinary way chatting to a friend about what is most important to him"

Steve Stockman has done two articles on Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas. Incidentally, I'd missed that a few more faith-related excerpts got blogged here, plus a 4-page excerpt is in the Sunday Times today.

But back to the Stockman pieces: The first is this review for the Phantom Tollbooth. The second, a fuller treatment which repeats some material but contains more information on the book's contents, is this article for Faith For Life. First real writeups of In Conversation from a Christian perspective so far as I know. Stocki comments in both articles that "Bono's own clarity of expression when it comes to his beliefs about Jesus and the cross will be a surprise to even those who believed he believed these things but never expected him to utter the confession publicly again." Uh, yeah.

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