Jubilee 2005, letter to Bush, more on the "Marshall Plan for Africa," and, OK: Live8.

So far in the American run-up to the G8, it's been "Crumbs for Africa," (wonder where they got that title?) which is why a great thing for American bloggers to link is the pre-G8 ONE letter to Bush. At least one prominent Christian leader is sending it out as a broadside on his email lists.

I also want to thank a reader for sending me a link to this action from the UK Jubilee campaign, which can be taken by people in any country since it addresses all the G-7 Finance Ministers (meeting this weekend). For Americans, you can also now send an online WIPE OUT DEBT in 2005 postcard to President Bush and Treasury Secretary Snow urging them to follow through on the commitment to 100% debt cancellation at the July 2 G8 summit in Scotland. American bloggers reading this post, here's another thing to link; it's no secret Jubilee doesn't have the highest profile in the USA.

If you haven't been following why 2005 is a key year for debt cancellation and other issues related to the Millennium Development Goals, I did a sort of resource post on that earlier. On the other hand, you might be better served to read an up to the moment article on the "New Marshall Plan for Africa" concept in the run-up to the G8 here. The article gives some helpful instances of interventions on a scale that could never be done by private charity. Or, a bit heavier on facts about Africa, this article: "It is difficult to think of any area in which so much could be done to improve human welfare for so little."

I suppose I might as well mention that the site for Live8, the multinational concert event kicking off a week of actions including a massive gathering just before the G8 Africa summit, has some info on this up too. (Anyone taking bets on how many times Live8 will be criticized for not raising money?) By the way, if you'd like to see what Make Poverty History has planned for the G8 gathering, check it out.

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