SOS Sermons

An audio file has been posted of something I noted some weeks ago on the site of Shepherd of the Sierra Presbyterian Church MP3 Audio Recording of a sermon (28:50 long) titled "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: The Theology of U2" and given the weekend U2 were in the Bay Area. The text is, guess what, Psalm 40, and the pastor is clearly more of a 1960s guy who made an effort to learn about U2 but is talking to a congregation who hasn't. His sermon lists 4 themes in U2: Questioning Faith, Social Justice, Sin and Forgiveness, Praising and Longing.

BTW, since this issue has been raised with me recently, can I just state something that should be obvious? This site collects links to material that is very religiously diverse as a way of noting how theologically-grounded minds are working with U2's art. It is not safe to assume that because I link to something or someone, it fully reflects my own beliefs, and even less so that it reflects the beliefs of anyone else who was associated with the book this blog is promoting.

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