Cross Rhythms takes the plunge

Since discovering over the last few years how easily available exhaustive resources on U2 are, both online and in print, I've started to wonder why the media (including blogs) don't seem to use them much when passing around material about the band. But along with wondering why things that are out of date or just obvious errors suddenly get picked up and spread like wildfire, I'm also intrigued by things writers don't choose to pick up. And so I've posed in a few different contexts this question: given the number of other tidbits in the book that got picked up, and given the almost iconic role he has fulfilled as the band's token nonbeliever, why did the confirmation in Bono: In Conversation (=Bono on Bono; we all know this now, right?) that Adam Clayton now shares the same faith as the other three members of the band get no press at all? I've heard some clever theories about that, but now I stand corrected. I know it will be in the new edition of Steve's book, but this is the first place I've seen it online.

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