It's not fantastic if you can't see it

A brief break in the Fly action here for a comment. I rarely visit U2.com for any number of reasons: there are inaccuracies, the updates arrive infrequently and late, the way they handle their members-only thing offends me, I find the breathless self-promoting "reviews" of the shows utterly cringeworthy, and so on. However, I just got an email from them touting a new feature, "Light Fantastic," a "specially commissioned!" [cringe] slide show of the Vertigo Tour's "most iconic images" with commentary from their creator Willie Williams. Willie Williams is brilliant and a great writer, so of course I wanted to see if there were anything from "The Fly" to add to post #3. Off I went on a rare visit to U2.com, and I pulled up the slideshow only to discover that typically, IT DOESN'T WORK.

While I give them a day to get it working, then, I'll mention something else I saw: Bono's description from a recent concert of both "Elevation" and "All I Want Is You" as "marrying songs."

[Update July 30: the slide show seems to be fixed now. No "Fly."]

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