Contest for our readers

Amazingly to me, U2 Sermons has just today had its 100,000th visit. When I started this blog to track the experience of publishing Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog, I had no idea it would ever last so long! So, in celebration of our mini-milestone, I'm holding a little contest, one that will offer an actual prize: a vintage white Zoo-era t-shirt, definitely used and faded, but not falling apart or anything. It has the band on the front, Achtung Baby written in a red scrawl, and "every artist is a cannibal" on the bottom.

To enter, email (with subject line PEOPLE GET READY) to bmaynard -at- gmail.com your answer to the following question:
For years U2 have been inviting audience members onstage to play guitar; when they do, "People Get Ready" is often the song of choice. What obviously theologically-motivated change does Bono usually make to the lyrics of one verse of this classic Curtis Mayfield hit? (You may either quote any version of the changed text, or simply explain the doctrinal correction.) Feel free to link this contest on other sites.

The deadline to enter is two weeks from today: midnight USA eastern standard time on Wednesday October 5th. If I receive more than one correct answer, I will pick a winner by a spontaneous selection process reflecting grace over karma. Have at it!

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