Williams College course

Williams College will be offering in its winter term a poli-sci cource called "The Gospel According to U2" (PSCI 11.) This may be the first course on the band's theological significance I have seen at a non-Christian institution. Although the professor kindly sent me a nice flyer, you guys'll just have to scroll down to the P's on the main site if you want to read the whole course description. Here's an excerpt:

We will also read serious theological and philosophical tracts on U2 lyrics and explore the band's complicated interweaving of faith, sexuality, grace, fame, doubt, justice, and the meaning of America in a way which makes them a surprisingly popular and poignant spiritual voice in our superficial and materialistic age.... How does a band which quotes psalms at the Super Bowl and routinely stirs millions at its concerts to chant an Old Testament lament ("how long? how long?") get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? ...Is U2 following the Church, leading it or rivaling it? How far can you go with a red guitar, three chords and the truth?

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