8 comments on U2 at Madison Square Garden last night

1) I guess I'll always have the characteristic Boston proprietary attitude to U2, but Madison Square Garden is an amazing venue and beats the Fleet (OK, the Banknorth Garden) hands down as a physical space in which to see this band. WOW.
2) Nice to see Father Abraham has developed some daughters as well as sons in the COEXIST Abrahamic-religions section.
3) Fast Cars! Bono and Edge flamenco! Ask any U2 fan this: "So, did you ever think you would see the Edge flamenco onstage?"
4) Yet another trial balloon for The First Time: "I threw away the key and only grace gave it back to me."
5) I laughed and laughed when the guy who was sitting behind me began top-volume yelling in his gloriously blunt New York manner at people heading down the stairs before the encores: "WHY - ARE - YOU - LEAVING?!! HOW!! CAN!! YOU!! #*$^%ING!!!! LEEAAAVE!!!!??"
6) I've seen Sunday Bloody Sunday so many times it doesn't always have all its power for me, but during it last night Bono pulled a little girl in white onstage, sat down with her on the floor, and made her promise to remember the word COEXIST as she grew up. Not a dry eye in the house. Although God bless that kid, she was probably the only human being there who didn't know that her line was "No More." [Edit: see it and hear the new line at the end here]
7) Very nice to let the sound guy take a bow.
8) Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit.

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