Amen, Baby -- it's a U2 joke, get it?

This story profiles a recent church plant in Fort Lauderdale whose pastors were impacted by U2 and talks about how they've used the band's work in worship. I'm linking it for that, not to endorse the overall focus, however, which is the familiar controversy over U2's spiritual influence: "are-they-or-aren't they?", paired with "...and let's criticize Christians who disagree with us about it." (Basically, although she hadn't picked this focus when we spoke last week by email, the article covers all the stuff I told the reporter I don't comment about on the record; no wonder none of what we discussed made it in). Chris Scharen and Steve Stockman, in keeping with the focus of both their books, join the debate with a quote each. A sidebar is this list of more reading on U2 and Christianity, including our book and about everything else there is (except for Bono In Conversation and Race of Angels, I guess). While we're linking, the same paper also has a cute list of 25 reasons U2 is the best band ever which seems to start at #11, but that's fitting for rock stars (it's a Spinal Tap joke, get it?)

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