God is always in on the act

During this last tour there's been a series of generic, adequately-written U2 and spirituality articles reporting on how U2's work arises from a Christian worldview. Whether these pieces piggyback on church events, concerts, publications, or something else, I'm wondering more and more if it's worth linking them all. I have to believe most readers of the U2 Sermons blog already know these basic facts and have read multiple examples of, e.g., the mandatory "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" paragraph. Maybe I should start being more selective, and only highlighting things that either say something fresh about U2 and faith, or that document how people are working theologically with their material in a creative way.

Oh, what the heck, for the time being I guess I'll link one more generic piece. Mostly a Rolling Stone rehash with some Stockman insertions.

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