Eros, doves, and wild dogs - bring 'em all on!

After some nice email correspondence with the author but no end in sight to archiving problems on this paper's website, I'm just going to be tacky and post the Google cache of a Vox Pop column on U2 from the Daytona Beach News-Journal. [Edit: they sent me another link a couple days after I posted this.] The opening "If..." clause made me laugh out loud, and, bonus: our book is mentioned.

Now see, this would be an example of a widely-accessible mainstream media piece that doesn't stop at reporting "Hey! Guess what, U2's songs have lots of Christian stuff in them! Some Christians like this! Others don't!" Instead it demonstrates a feel for the band's work, uses creative quotations rather than the usual-suspects God'n'Bono ones, and makes a specific, thoughtful point (though I'm betting some readers here might still call a couple aspects of it debatable... anybody wanna debate?)

Excerpt: Yes, rock 'n' roll will always be concerned, and rightly so, with the boy-girl thing. Rock will always ask the question that Og the Cave Man, Odysseus, Romeo and Rhett Butler asked: Does she love me? But Bono and U2 dare to ask bolder questions, ones that must have plagued Job, Cain, Judas . . . and Og, Odysseus, Romeo and Rhett too: Does God, can God -- or a god or goddess -- love me? And if God, a god or goddess does love me, does he/she deserve my love in return?

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