The God Factor : Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People

I think many U2 fans will recognize the name of Cathleen Falsani, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, who has written more than one great U2 piece including a column on Get Up Off Your Knees. Just FYI, she has a book coming out. Here's a bit of the description: When religion reporter Cathleen Falsani climbed aboard Bono's tour bus, it was to interview the rock star about AIDS awareness. Instead, they plunged into a lively discussion about faith. "This is a defining moment for us," Bono said. "For the culture we live in." ...To shape a candid picture of modern faith, Falsani sat down with an array of people who shape our culture, and in turn, our collective consciousness. She’s talked about Jesus with Anne Rice; explored "Playboy theology" with Hugh Hefner; discussed evil with crusading attorney Barry Scheck, and heaven with Senator Barack Obama. Laura Esquivel, basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon, Studs Terkel, guru Iyanla Vanzant, rockers Melissa Etheridge and Annie Lennox, economist Jeffrey Sachs, Pulitzer-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley -- all opened up to her.

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