On borderland we run

Angela Pancella writes briefly about last week's St. Louis "How To Dismantle An Atomic Band" event (part of a series sponsored by the Francis Schaeffer Institute) I mentioned earlier. (Kind of nice to see Schaeffer posthumously and by proxy returning the favor Bono used to pay by recommending his books, hey?) She discerns evidence that Christian writers on U2 may finally be getting over the "score-one-for-the-home-team attitude," that longrunning habit of trying to claim U2 as representatives of one's own brand of Christianity (or disavow them to advance it). I can certainly agree that through email, comments here, and other public events like this Covenant one, I've seen some well-versed (and as far as I know still mostly unpublished on this topic) scholars out there who are way past the "home-team" stage of analysis. Hope the balance keeps tipping their way.

A U2 Sermons reader has also summarized the talk in the comments to this post.

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