A sermon for Midnight Mass: "A Baby Born In Straw Poverty"

The obvious link for today: Word on Fire, a program from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago which features "Catholic evangelical preaching" by Fr. Robert Barron, draws heavily on the Rolling Stone interview with Bono for its Solemnity of Christmas offering (scroll to #259). Barron writes, "My sermon for today is just an elaboration of Bono's wonderful Christmas sermon." It's available in two audio formats, and the site also has a discussion board. Here are the Roman Catholic lectionary readings for this event, which are basically the same as most other denominations', just in case you wanna see 'em.

I have something different planned for this blog for the Christmas Season (that's Christmas Day to Epiphany, for our non-liturgical readers). I wish all our readers who count themseves among Jesus' followers a very blessed celebration of his birth.

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