MINISTRY AND MEDIA: U2 Bible studies and discussion starters

I had a nice email from someone last night describing how he'd incorporated the video for "Original of the Species" in to one of the Bible study sessions in the back of Get Up Off Your Knees and the way his class reacted to it. These are all more dated, but I'm pretty sure I have not yet linked any of them yet: Here's a youth group session on "Vertigo" from Group magazine. There are two more by the same author in earlier issues, working with U2's "One" ("synopsis: Christians are called to love others unconditionally") and "When I Look at the World." And yet another: a full youth group Bible study using "Grace" and St. John Chrysostom. I drew on Group regularly for my job from '94-97, and I have to say that while the U2 doesn't surprise me at all, the Chrysostom does. The times they are a-changin'.

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