Long-term readers of this blog will remember that after seeing U2 in Europe I was enamored enough of the new visuals for "The Fly" to write "No secret at all," a theological reading of the song's new live presentation on the Vertigo Tour in light of previous presentations. I split it into 3 parts for length: 1, 2, 3. Since at that point no video was easily available, I narrated most of the visuals in the final post.

I was delighted to discover today a clip of the song from a late 1st-leg indoor Vertigo show. It isn't quite the later Europe version yet and suffers from not having that gigantic overwhelming screen; however, it still gives a very good sense of the general flow of the last 2 minutes of the visuals. This video of "The Fly" runs from the moment when the agenda of Them begins to be exposed, through the revelation of the secret of "giving in to love" and the urging to "reclaim your space... inside of you... you never knew... it is there... you will win," on to the final moment when the opening warnings begin to work backwards: "SEE/I DON'T WANT TO...." and "LETTERS BECOME WORDS BECOME SENTENCES BECOME LIES BECOME YOU." Go watch it right now. Hurray for YouTube and atu2 for posting this.

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