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For folks who've been wondering what it's like, here's a fairly thorough review, or more of a profile of the contents, of Cathleen Falsani's The God Factor. In the interest of full disclosure, she was kind enough to send me a copy after I mentioned her book here. It's a unique window into a lot of well-known people's outlooks on religion; for people like me who can't help but do our theological thinking within a highly-developed structure that much greater minds than our own have spent centuries forming, it's interesting to see how many of the interviewees have sort of constructed their own theories. Bono, one of the obvious exceptions to that comment, has a chapter based on Falsani's well-known CT piece, but it does incorporate new material (including, to my surprise, some specific stuff about being raised Anglican -- which will, I guarantee any Anglicans reading this, make you flinch with knowing embarrassment.)

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