GlobalGiving - an Easter Season challenge

Christ is risen! Easter is here, and there are 50 days -- great ones, according to liturgists -- until Pentecost. I want to propose that we celebrate it together in a particular way. I've become pretty enthusiastic about the GlobalGiving site, which offers a very direct way to make donations to projects in the developing world that, in essence, help work towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. You can search for projects that need funding by theme or region, and you can even email the actual people running them in Asia or Africa or Central America or wherever. Here's a BBC article about the concept.

My suggestion is that we do a little experiment during the Easter season, and spread some Resurrection life by seeing how far our little U2 Sermons community can get towards funding a Global Giving project in Africa. I've chosen an AIDS education program in Cameroon whose focus is training teachers to use computers to deliver information on HIV-AIDS -- in part because their entire goal is only $1000, and in part because if you're reading this you have access to a computer and know how to use it, unlike 90% of high school students in Cameroon.

U2 Sermons gets in the neighborhood of 150-200 hits a weekday; we could make a significant impact or even enable the iEARN-SchoolNet-Cameroon folks to reach their $1000 goal. I've already given a first donation to start us off. Click through and check it out; you can enter your own choice of amount and give by credit card or Paypal. If you're willing to leave a comment here (even anonymously) we could track how many have taken part. Happy Easter!

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