"one but not the same"

A reader has motivated me to clarify something. I'm sure many of you who visit here are aware of this, since I've hammered on it ad infinitum, so I ask your patience. But for those who may have gotten the wrong impression: Get Up Off Your Knees represents the work of laypeople and clergy from many, many Christian denominations, ranging from Roman Catholic to Presbyterian, from Church of Christ to Anglican, from evangelical to mainline, from liberal to conservative. It seeks to honor and draw on the work Christian leaders from diverse perspectives all over the English-speaking world were doing in using U2 in liturgy and worship for decades, long before Raewynne and I thought of putting a collection together documenting one aspect of that longstanding work. Anyone who links Get Up Off Your Knees with the idea of cheerleading for any particular denominational perspective, or, God forbid, recruiting new members for any particular institutional church, has missed the point.

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