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Today the U2 Sermons blog for the book Get Up Off Your Knees is particiating in the Via Crucis Grid Blog - a global, multi-site, media-rich, thoroughly ecumenical walk through Holy Week.

Quae maerébat, et dolébat,
Pia Mater, dum vidébat
Nati poenas inclyti.

Quis est homo, qui non fleret,
Matrem Christi si vidéret
In tanto supplicio?

The Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Blessed
am I still your son
You know I've waited for so long to hear you say so

(Youtube, which is hosting the above media, has inconveniently closed for part of the day this station has to be posted, to work on their site. If you're here and it's not running yet, you could visit again later.)

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