Sausalito Presbyterian Church U2 event

Playing catch-up... Formatting issues make this U2 church presentation by a UCC pastor serving a PCUSA congregation in California a tad tough to read, but since it deals with a lot of U2 lyrics, I thought I'd throw it in here anyway. (Just a reminder, by the way, of something I've said before -- when I link something it doesn't mean I agree with everything in it.) Although it is listed as one, the piece doesn't seem to be a sermon -- more of an introduction to a huge list of songs used in worship: "Where the Streets Have No Name," "Yahweh," "If God Will Send His Angels," "City Of Blinding Lights," "Beautiful Day," and more. I suppose one reason I've missed noticing this one for several months is that unfortunately the name of the band is spelled incorrectly throughout.

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