"All Because of You": Discover, Discern, Decide

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding spotlights "All Because of You" by U2 in a "3-D Review" designed for parents and teenagers to discuss together. Their Discernment step ("How does [the work under consideration] stand in light of the biblical message/ worldview?") is a snap in this case, it seems: "This song clearly portrays a biblically accurate depiction of the relationship between creation and its Creator... the term 'I Am' connects the singer’s revelation to the Hebrew name that God used to reveal himself [in] Exodus 3:14. ...The band also recognizes the fingerprint of God in the created order around us in the lines, 'I saw you in the curve of the moon, In the shadow cast across my room.' ... [and] recognizes the vanity of self-reliance when compared to reliance on God."

And I have to smile at this comment from the "Decide" step: "Much of what passes for worship music today seems to 'weaken' God by bringing Him down to our level. This song recognizes our reliance on a Creator who is transcendent, omniscient and omnipotent."

They're also right on this less theological point IMHO: "The video doesn’t add much to the meaning of the song."

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