"Farcical Western society" indeed

@U2 has a news story up today in which I'm quoted. I'm highly ambivalent about the overall news that the piece reports - the public availability of CDs of a seminar three members of U2 gave to an audience of Christian musicians in early 1981. I initially was unsure about participating in the article even to the extent of giving a comment, since I think there are many ways a general listener could misunderstand or misuse this recording; and to me as a pastor, the Dream Depot argument that the band is too famous now to be hurt by its release misses the more human reality that famous people are still people. As I said in the interview, I am very glad nobody is selling a CD of me at 20 talking about what God has shown me about his call on my life.

However, on the other hand, like it or not, the CD is for sale. People are going to get a hold of it. Reactions are going to come. And I can't think of very many writers I'd rather see out in front of the situation than Scott Calhoun.

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