Let's plan a course! #3

If you're either a Bill Hybels or U2 fan and have landed here in search of reports on Bono's speech (interview really) at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, you've come at a great time, because we're in the middle of a project that gives readers a chance to share your opinion and perhaps help shape how U2's work gets presented in one Christian setting. Commenters on this blog are currently giving a little help with Fresno Pacific professor Tim Neufeld's planning for his upcoming "Theology, Culture and U2" course.

Here's today's question, running across their whole career.

What to you are some of the defining motifs that have repeatedly surfaced over the years in U2’s artistic output? (If you have time, you could expand by also telling us where you see them surfacing.)

Earlier threads of questions from Tim are still open for comment:
If you were to pick one of U2's albums that you thought focused on a particular issue...
How would you organize a multi-session course of the kind Tim is teaching...
It's fine to post your agreement or disagreement with suggestions made by others, as well.

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