Let's plan a course!

Tim Neufeld, professor of Contemporary Christian Ministries at Fresno Pacific University, is developing a new course entitled, "Theology, Culture and U2." (Tim also wants us to know that he's "a worship pastor at his church, where he routinely uses U2 related material and stylings, and an avid reader of the U2 Sermons blog.") I've linked some of his writing on the band before, so you may recognize his site.

As Tim readies the outline for his course this fall he is asking for help from you, other U2 Sermons readers, "to narrow down the vast array of possible topics and themes." He's sent me some questions on which he would love to hear wider reactions, kindly allowing me to reshape a bit for the blog, and I thought I'd post one at a time and give readers a chance to tell him how you'd respond.

So, here's a question for your comments to start: If you were to pick one of U2's albums that you thought focused on a particular theological issue, which album would you pick and how would you describe the theological issue it covers? (Now, if you opt for one of U2's shorter album titles you could conceivably answer that in 2 words, but if you'd like to write about why, that would of course also be welcome.)

[Edit: hey come on, folks, a couple hundred of you have seen this by now. Typing two words isn't that hard! I know it's the dog days of summer, but let's help a guy out here...]

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