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I found it sweet to read the teaching activity from USA Today for classroom use (scroll to page 2) based on their U2 by U2 review and excerpt last week. Excerpt follows (by the way I think this could be a really salutary learning activity not just for kids, but for the masses of religious and secular leaders who seem unwilling to admit a difference between respecting others and agreeing with them):
Bono explains that the lyrics from the song 'One' were inspired by a reply he sent to the Dalai Lama declining an invitation to participate in a festival called Oneness. He responded saying, 'One — but not the same.' Explain how this concept applies to human beings. Then, find an example in today’s paper that illustrates how two people, two groups, etc. are both one, but not the same. Share your example in class, and explain its meaning.
VOCABULARY: underpinning consensus improvising

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