Cultural studies conference at Gordon College

There are so many interesting sessions at the Christ in Cultures conference happening next weekend at Gordon College that, while I'm glad I signed up to attend, I realize I'll have to miss about half of what I'd like to hear. Among the titles that draw my attention: "eBay Acheiropoietai: The 'Image Not Made By Hands' in Contemporary Culture," "Everyday Saviors: Representations of Rescue and Salvation in Movies by Percy Adlon and Wim Wenders," "Layering the Religious Landscape of Canadian Multiculturalism: The Christ Stratum in Life of Pi," "Can Christ Be Seen in the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, a Preacher’s Kid?", "What Does Kanye West Know About Jesus? Hip-Hop, Contemporary Black Culture and the Imagined Christ," and "Jesus Can't Play Rugby: Religious Parody and Christic Respect among Subversive Subcultures." But come on, you know in Concurrent Session 3 there's basically no chance I'm going to end up anywhere but at "The Gospel According to Bono: Presenting Christ in the Music of U2."

[Edit: having now heard a general description from the speaker, James M. Ferrell from UNH, I will definitely end up there, since a main focus will be on discussing how well - or poorly - reviews of HTDAAB, press on the Vertigo tour, and reports on Bono's National Prayer Breakfast speech took account of the theological material these three things contain. ...Yeah. Now there's a topic! Just for fun here are two old related posts: my favorite example of HTDAAB theological point-missing from the Boston Phoenix, and then for a palate cleanser, Jeffrey Overstreet demonstrating what someone who knows what U2 are on about can notice.]

As far as I can tell registration for the Gordon conference is still open. If you're attending this and would like to connect with me, just email.

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