how far down the rabbit hole goes

I've posted a few times previously about how difficult it is to identify specific Bible references in many U2 songs -- that so often there is not exactly a quote of one particular verse, but a generalized Biblical language or restatement of ideas that could draw on several sources. U2 by U2 provides an example of this difficulty from a whole different direction in its treatment of the lyrics to "Walk On." Bono cites a particular New Testament passage as being the root of one theme in the song (the distinction between things that can and can't be left behind in the opening couplet and the closing litany). So here's a case in which a listener now knows definitively from the lyricist that this particular section in "Walk On" has a Biblical source, though not a verbatim quote.

My challenge to you? Working backwards from the lyric, name the New Testament passage you'd expect to be connected to it.

Got one? OK. (It might be fun to post what we came up with in the comments.) And then, you can click and find out how close you came.

...See what I mean about how complicated this is?

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