Some things to look at

The mission of this blog is not to document every time someone sings U2 in church, nor to disseminate information about band members' beliefs, nor to redo any of the excellent fan-labor other U2 sites are doing. The mission of this blog, along with the rather self-serving role of keeping the book that generated it in the public eye, is to highlight all kinds of theological work on U2's art. Because of that, this video from YouTube, which tries to bring the song "Vertigo" into conversation with one version of Judas' betrayal of Jesus, merits a link. I expect viewers may have varying assessments of how well the video succeeds; but whatever else this is, it's one of the first examples I've had the chance to point out of someone doing theological reflection on a U2 song primarily through a visual medium.

Along the way, I also happened on this film of Bono discussing U2's recording of Woody Guthrie's "Jesus Christ." It's something of a rarity and the audio is less out of sync here than on previous versions I've seen; plus you can't top this one for getting a quick refresher on U2's Painfully Earnest Era.

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