U2 and Cockburn Theology Course in Toronto

Here's another tidbit on our contributor Brian Walsh. He'll be teaching a new course this winter called Music Prophecy & Culture (scroll down to the end) at the Toronto School of Theology. Sounds, along with Tim Neufeld's current U2 course at Fresno Pacific, like a nice example of Christians paying attention to art on its own terms and learning from the process, rather than exploiting art to serve a church agenda.

Description: Theology has always found a fruitful dialogue partner in the arts. This course will approach the artistry of Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn and the Irish super rock band U2 as theological resources in their own right. Attending to the interweaving of biblical iconography, symbols, narratives, motifs and themes in the lyrics of these artists, we will explore the prophetic, pastoral, liturgical and theological contribution that U2 and Cockburn make for Christian reflection and praxis in a late modern socio-historical context.

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