Feedback request

This blog has just moved over to the new version of Blogger. One feature of the new Blogger is labels, which are like Technorati tags that can help someone searching the blog find posts on a specific topic. I hope, although this seems like an unbelievably daunting task, to go back and label all the old posts back to 2003 to make this blog more useful to readers. However, I want to be systematic about it and not make up labels randomly as I go, because consistency is important.

So one thing I'd love is suggestions of any labels that you'd like to see.

In fact, I'd love ANY kind of help with this, ranging from something as easy as Hey, "Biblical references" would be a good label all the way to something as tough as Hey, I'll send you some suggested labels for all your posts from May through July 2005. (If your real opinion is Eh, who needs labels?, frankly I'd prefer you not share that with me.)

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