Urbana 2006: Drown me out

I don't often do news, but... what other site is going to pick up this one? People who were at Urbana (the annual student convention on world mission by Intervarsity, which was in St. Louis this year) are saying there was a video message from Bono specifically for the 22,000 students at the convention (which had a special HIV/AIDS track). The video isn't available online, but it's mentioned here and referred to in the webcast from their HIV/AIDS evening. (If you visit that site, why not watch the AIDS Beyond the Numbers mini-feature?)

[Update: Here's a post from someone who was there, including a recounting of how the the video ended: "I am not much of a preacher, thanks for listening to me. You know, I'm just a rock star; it's my job to make a bunch of noise. But if you hear me, and if this emergency (HIV/AIDS) calls you to action....then drown me out....drown me out."]

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