Off topic, on YouTube

I suppose I could say that my very minimal excuse for linking this here is that this guy is a student pastor. Or maybe I can tell myself this is for readers who play in worship bands. At any rate, folks with some musical training or interest might want to head over to YouTube to give at least a glance to the "U2 tutorial" videos being posted by a young man in Seattle. I don't want to think about how many hours he's spent figuring out the delays and technique, but he has filmed himself doing some astoundingly accurate renditions of the guitar parts to a number of U2 songs. Some are more "instructional," others full performances with a backing track.

In particular, I recommend this video of "Streets" (if you watch through the verses); the song is so well known that I think most listeners will recognize everything they hear, and yet still be surprised at how much is not being played and how many conscious decisions lie behind the several different ways in which the structure is articulated.

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