U2: Rockers Finally Speak Out About Their Rumored Faith

Thanks to Matt for giving me a heads-up that CCM Magazine has made available online the text of the U2 1982 CCM interview, done during the US leg of the October tour by a young Terry Mattingly and heretofore pretty impossible to get a hold of (although most of the significant quotes have long been in circulation). 25 years later, much of the material has now become standard fare in U2 interviews where the question of Christian faith is evoked: ambivalance about the "Christian" label, a distinction between Christianity and religion, "we don't have all the answers"... The strong theology of the Fall at the end is no surprise.

It's also fun to imagine that at the time, what are now (as U2log calls it) "Promo Bono" cliches probably sounded quite fresh: "garage band from garageland," "anti-guitar hero."

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