Exit and clarification

Trask at Agape Revolution sends along a link to a post he's written reflecting on U2's "Exit" as performed in "Rattle & Hum," not a song that is dealt with much. The post doesn't use the music at all in its analysis, but attempts to work with the text as describing the state of Lucifer during and after his fall from heaven. I don't happen to find this a successful interaction with the work personally, but it's interesting to watch the reasoning process and some of you probably may be persuaded.

On a more general note, incidentally (coming off a recent conversation with someone who had several mistaken assumptions about this blog and our book), I'd like to say again something I've said many times here -- when I link things on the blog, that doesn't automatically mean I think they are "sermons," or that I agree with the way they treat meaning-making in the arts, or that they would have fit in Get Up Off Your Knees, or that I endorse or don't endorse their perspective on the Bible or U2 or anything. It means I think they're making some contribution that's (for any of many possible reasons) worthy of note to the very diverse theologically-informed dialogue on various aspects of U2's work. (And if it's not, I tend to note that the link is off topic.) If I linked only things that could have gone in the book here, there would be one link about every three months.

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