33 1/3 takes on Achtung Baby: "the zeitgeist of our fallen world"

Continuum has announced that forthcoming in their series of 33 1/3 books on seminal albums will be Achtung Baby by Stephen Catanzarite. The author's nascent blog is here; judging from it he will be drawing on a Roman Catholic perspective as well as prior training in writing (and music! hurray! Far too much of the philosophical/theological material on U2's art bizarrely stops short at the lyrics) for his work.

I have to say I am pleased to hear him comment there that "it is not a book about U2... it is also not, properly speaking, about the album Achtung Baby. It would be much more precise to say that the book is about what the album is about (or at least what I believe the album to be about)."

You can read an excerpt from chapter 1 at the Continuum 33 1/3 blog I linked above. (HT: Scott)

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